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Meet the Artists of Austin | WEST 2013 by

WEST 2013 is lucky to be based in Austin, Texas for multiple reasons, but, the main one is that it is chock-full of creative and talented artists. The thriving Austin art  scene is often overshadowed by “The Live Music Capitol of the World“, SXSW, ACL, and  “Keep Austin Weird” in the news. Also, art lovers typically turn to the established larger art scenes of Dallas and Houston. Admittedly, Austin does have a really great live music scene and keeping it weird is important, yet, Austin visual artists are here in abundance. One of our home grown arts organizations is BigMedium. . . .

Pin & Win | La Senda + Earth Month Contest

Hiatus Pinterest Contest Art

Spring is here and we are celebrating Earth Month with a special fundraising print edition by Jan Heaton. With our friends at Hiatus Spa + Retreat 100% of the proceeds from Jan’s La Senda will be donated to clean water initiatives. While you will be happy when you purchase La Senda, you can also win a FREE print via Hiatus Spa’s Pinterest contest. If you are the winner and have already purchased La Senda then you will be reimbursed for your purchase. Or, you could keep yours and give the free print as a gift — either way you are the . . .

Jan Heaton | Watercolorist

Jan Heaton Working in Her Studio

Artmuse has teamed up with our friends at Hiatus Spa + Retreat to offer this very special edition of Jan Heaton’s beautiful watercolor art. 100% of proceeds from Jan’s La Senda will help raise funds for Earth Month 2013 specifically to benefit Gulf Restoration Network and Lower Mississippi River Keeper. This is a rare opportunity for art collectors to purchase a Jan Heaton print. And, your purchase of this Earth Month 2013 print will help raise critical funding for these important organizations that serve the communities in which we live. If you are not already familiar with Jan’s art, you . . .

Michelle Lohr | Painter

Michelle Lohr | Artist

Artmuse welcomes artist Michelle Lohr. Originally from Israel and painting since the age of 3, Michelle is a now a full time artist living in Austin, Texas. She attended Haifa University majoring in painting, sculpture and drawing. After years of not painting regularly, she recently taught herself art and slowly got back into it through painting every day. Although her art education was attained 23 years ago, her ability to get back in to her daily art practice confirms that art has always been an innate part of her life. Recently, Michelle has been painting a variety of subject matters . . .

Cheryl Finfrock | Painter

Cheryl Finfrock | Painter |

Artmuse welcomes artist, Cheryl Finfrock. Always knowing she was an artist, she expresses her sense of the world through her art. Cheryl’s work is influenced by a rich list of bold artists such as Dubuffet and Miró. Her art begins with observations of the world around her and discovers stories to be shared using her visual language. She has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, Berlin, Paris, Sofia, and Cophenhagen. Cheryl, a native Texan, returned to Austin in 2006 as a San Franciscan transplant. In addition to working as an artist, she teaches career development to artists. Her . . .

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