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Anne Genung | Painter

Anne Genung jokingly credits her mother with finding her passion for art, “I would have to say that my mother discovered it all over the kitchen walls. It is what I do and what I’ve always done” says Anne. She adds that she cannot remember a time where she wasn’t concentrating on creating. She has formally studied fashion design, graphic design and illustration, and attended Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design.

The first subjects of Anne’s art were portraits, which she says to this day “remain the most challenging and rewarding subjects that exist for me.” Her goal in her work is mainly to impress herself and not the audience, preferring to “do things that I have not previously done and to gain eventual gallery representation.” If she does evoke a reaction from her audience, Anne hopes that her use of color is “interesting, and even arresting,” and that the images “promote motion of the eye.”

Anne finds her inspiration in Domy Books, The Blanton, wandering through the Dallas Museum of Art, and walking through East Austin. She is also inspired by several different artists including Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney, and Elizabeth Peyton.

Her favorite thing about being an artist is that she can “make something from nothing—I am a magician.” I asked Anne if she wasn’t able to be an artist, what she would be, and she simply replied, “dead.” Her life philosophies or mottos would be “who knows what happens next” and “check it off the list.” Anne is currently working on color studies and her abilities in portraiture.

She is somewhat of an art collector herself, but “not nearly as much as I would like to be.” It is very important to her that art be affordable. “More than it being merely affordable,” she explains, “I like to take the whimsy out of art prices by making most commissions simply $1.00 per square inch.”

Along with her passionate artwork, Anne says her current obsession is making dumplings. “I am trying to turn my fiancé on to dim sum.” Anne is currently reading Dharma Lion, a biography of Allen Ginsberg, and James Beard’s Theory and Practice of Good Cooking.

written by Jennifer Shaver

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