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Artmuse Artists + E.A.S.T. 2012

Bonnie Glendinning, FounderWell, if you are art lover, which, I think it’s safe to say that you are, you will be happy to know that E.A.S.T. is back for its 11th year.

It’s a fun event here in Austin, Texas that covers two full weekends of visiting open artist studios and plenty of art-related events. This year there are 420+ participating artists and, as always, it’s free. You can also pick up their free, ever-gorgeous, 500+ page catalog at any Austin Public Library (while supplies last).

I am proud to say we have 6 of our artists participating in E.A.S.T. – including a sneak peek of our newest artist, Cheryl Finfrock. Stay tuned next week for a full interview.

You can find all the information below and be sure to visit their studio and enter our give away for a free $25 print. See details below and visit our Facebook page for updates.

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p.s. For those of you that aren’t in Austin, you can still support all of our artists here.


How To Win A FREE print

Visit our artist studios during EAST 2012 and…

1. Submit: Look for our Win a Print entry box and submit your entry or business card.
2. Post: Post a photo of you at an artmuse artist studio on our Facebook page.
3. Share: Like & Share our Facebook posts about EAST.

We will have multiple winners contacted via email provided after EAST 2012 is completed.
Winners receive Free shipping to U.S. addresses only.


David Leonard | Artmuse.comDavid Leonard | Stop #3
1804 Corona Drive

The essence of our way of life can been seen in our never ending attempt to subdue our environment. It is not my intention to either glorify or to condemn this objective, but to invite contemplation and leave judgment up to the viewer.


David Leonard | Miracle Mile |















Miracle Mile
BUY NOW // print: $25 / $75+ // framed: $135 / $220+
Free U.S. shipping for all framed prints!


Andrea Pramuk | Artmuse.comAndrea Pramuk | Stop #H7
Center61 | 2921 E. 17th Street

The paintings I have been producing are in essence, studies in materials to help me work through developing a language to express things I see and feel that I can’t necessarily communicate otherwise


Andrea Pramuk | My Mothers Sweater















My Mother’s Sweater
BUY NOW // print: $25 / $75+ // framed: $135 / $220+
Free U.S. shipping for all framed prints!


Paul Drown | Artmuse.comPaul Drown | Stop #46a
2830 E. MLK Blvd., Studio 113

My concern for living respectfully on this planet informs everything I do. I try to see wonder around me and share that with others. To that end I photograph, build temples for small things, design sustainable environments, and educate others on the interconnectedness of rocks, air, blood.


Paul Drown | The Day We Met















The Day We Met
BUY NOW // print: $25 / $75+ // framed: $135 / $220+
Free U.S. shipping for all framed prints!


Jennifer Chenoweth | Artmuse.comJennifer Chenoweth | Stop #181a
Fisterra Studio | 1200 E. 2nd Street

My process depends on persistence, perception and discovery. I plan, write about, and execute each piece carefully. I strive to articulate how the meaning should take form in every detail, from the particular pigments to the action of the composition, to the order of the layers and the variety of methods I employ.


Jennifer Chenoweth | Sphere of Influence















Sphere of Influence
BUY NOW // print: $25 / $75+ // framed: $135 / $220+
Free U.S. shipping for all framed prints!


Jennifer Chenoweth | Paint Dome Shot VNEW Editions from Jennifer Chenoweth | Paint Dome Series

This work comes from a performative project called Paint Domes that Jennifer did at EAST 2011. It was an arrangement of large balloons covered in paint. After they were deflated, photographer Robert Boland shot images that are now available as prints on only

Visit her at EAST Stop #181 to see a framed print of Paint Dome V.


Paint Dome Shot V
BUY NOW // print: $25 / $75+ // framed: $135 / $220+
Free U.S. shipping for all framed prints!





Sneak Peek at Our New Artist…

Cheryl Finfrock | Artmuse.comCheryl Finfrock | Stop #117f
702 Shady Ln., Studio M

Places draw me in, perhaps just a pinhole of darkness intrigues. As the portal opens, I find secrets within where the stories are shared through a visual language of color and form.


Cheryl Finfrock | Jigsaw Heart















Jigsaw Heart
BUY NOW // print: $25 / $75+ // framed: $135 / $220+
Free U.S. shipping for all framed prints!


Jon Windham | Artmuse.comJon Windham | E.A.S.T. Coordinator
Prints available on

My creative concerns are currently three-fold: Narrative, Usefulness, and Exploration of a novel medium. I love stories and my favorite art is the kind that tells them or inspires them.


Jon Windham |















Hawksbill Sea Turtle
BUY NOW // print: $25 / $75+ // framed: $135 / $220+
Free U.S. shipping for all framed prints!



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