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Charlene deJori | Photographer

Charlene deJori has always had a passion for art. In fact, she can’t recall a time when she didn’t. Intrigued by the magical expression created by the single stroke of a pen, a brush, chalk drawn across a sidewalk, or even a finger drawn through wet sand; all matter of rendering and visualization have always fascinated her.

The first subjects of her art were the great masters which she copied enthusiastically throughout high school—often in classes other than art and to the great consternation of her teachers. Years later, as a budding photographer, the tide pool community of creatures: anemones, starfish, mussels, tiny fish, etc. of Southern California were her first “wild” subjects. As a fine arts major in college, she concentrated on perfecting her studio skills and gaining a solid foundation in the history of world art.

Her visual skills were critical to her success in developing designs for Luminarios, a very successful architectural ceramics company which she founded and later sold, and, later as the publisher of Ocean Realm, an internationally acclaimed, award winning magazine of underwater photography and marine natural history. She sold Ocean Realm after 16 years of publishing the magazine. Charlene is a noted international Photographer including being published in National Geographic and the 2008 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Annual.

Charlene is a serious entrepreneur and an adventurer of sorts. Her love of the natural world is at the core of what motivates her. She has traveled the world and has extensively scuba dived. She has witnessed, firsthand, the rapid loss of biodiversity. That motivated her to document, through photography, the natural world as it is today before parts of it are irretrievably lost. Charlene wants to inspire an appreciation for the infinite diversity and nuance of form and function that is intrinsic to each living being’s niche in the web of life.

Her personal lifelong philosophy has been “Through it all—do your best” though, as she has aged, she has become fond of “Life is short—eat dessert first.” And anyone who has had the pleasure of eating one of her baked goodies would concur with the latter.

Charlene’s latest endeavor is NOAH Nature Alliance a newly launched, international, non-profit organization dedicated to connecting a passionate donor community with worthy nature, wildlife conservation, and community welfare Causes. NOAH merges her interests in nature photography and conservation. Most of the photographs on the home page of the NOAH Nature Alliance site were taken by Charlene.

Charlene is a collector and great fan of ethnic folk art. Her home is filled with handcrafted treasures from around the world that remind her of her travels. “There is absolutely no reason that art has to be expensive. Some of the most cherished items in my collection have cost the least. Art is not about money; it’s about expression.” The future NOAH Goods store on the website of her new project will feature handcrafts made in and around the regions near where the Causes on the site are located. This will aid in providing a reliable means of income for the nearby residents and reduce the pressure on local wildlife and habitats.

Charlene will be donating 100% of her proceeds on to NOAH Nature Alliance. Your purchase of her limited edition prints will directly benefit worthy nature, wildlife conservation, and community welfare causes.

written by Colleen Cassady

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  • Name...Beverley Elliott says

    My husband and I were living in San Antonio in the 1970s and became close friends with Charlene and Herman DeJori. Charlene had and eye for art from clay to painting and her cooking. Now today checking the internet I have seen her work of photography and all I can say is….Charlene WOW!!

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