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Dave Wilson | Photographer

Photographer Dave Wilson discovered his passion for photography as a medium to express himself artistically “without having to be particularly coordinated”. He says he always enjoyed art in school, but was never particularly good at drawing or painting. Lucky for him, and us, Dave’s creativity found its way to photography. “I was also drawn to the technical aspects of photography, it can be a very mathematical medium which appealed to me, and the whole process of developing and printing was extremely satisfying.” His favorite thing about being a photographer is “the chance to create on a daily basis”. “It also gives me almost boundless learning opportunities as digital technology is moving ahead at a great pace.”

Having a degree in Physics and Electronic Engineering from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, Dave works as a software engineer for Texas Instruments. “My art training, what little there is of it, was through mentoring at High School and extra-curricular Art Club. In photography, I am mostly self-taught but have been a member of photography clubs and societies for 25 years and picked up a great deal from more experienced members and meeting speakers.”

Initially, Dave concentrated on photojournalistic imagery for local newspapers in Central Scotland and the Glasgow University Guardian, and landscapes taken in and around the Clyde Valley. “Later, I moved into other areas such as nature and ‘pure art’ photography and today most of my imagery is intended as art rather than documentary work.” Inspired easily he loves dramatic landscapes, and could “spend days wandering around cities”. A few of his favorites include Paris, New York, and London. Dave is also inspired by the smaller scale, “the texture of a leather in a boot, the play of light through a window, the exquisite workmanship of a rocket nozzle and intricate insect physiology example”. He says his motivation is mostly selfish, producing images to please himself, but is delighted when others express interest, too. “Many of my images are post-processed to accentuate texture and color in a way that makes the image look somewhat painting-like or even slightly surreal. I enjoy giving the viewer an experience that leaves them wondering what is different about the image and, perhaps, showing details of a subject that they would not otherwise have considered or noticed.”

Dave is also inspired by many artists and photographers, he loves “watercolor images such as those by Scottish artist Ken Lochhead or American Andrew Wyeth”. He also admires the French Impressionists “whose paintings show the world in such a beautiful and different way”. “The paintings of Salvador Dali, especially his fabulous ‘Christ of St. John of the Cross’ are also favorites.” Photographically he is inspired by Ben Willmore, Trey Ratcliff, Joe McNally, Steve McCurry, David duChemin, Arthur Meyerson, Bob Krist, Joey Lawrence, and Tim Tadder, “whose images and/or writing encourage me to try new and better things”. “It’s taken as read, of course, that Ansel Adams is my hero.”

An art collector himself, Dave and his wife have many ties to the art community, and thinks “it is vital that good art be affordable!” He firmly believes “creating and appreciating art are very important aspects of a balanced lifestyle, and making art affordable opens its ownership up to a far wider audience.”

written by Jennifer Shaver

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