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Ian Carpenter | Painter

Born in Thailand, and now living in New York, our newest artist on, Ian Carpenter, says that his passion for art came very naturally. To him, it is simply “something one is drawn to, an essential part of one’s core”. “Being around family and friends who are into the same passions and things that you are, and being influenced throughout the years” allowed him to develop his own craft, and add his own spin to it.

Ian obtained a BA in Visual Arts at the Sarah Lawrence College, in New York, but has been an artist since he was very young— he says, “I’ve always created, as far back as I can remember.” As a child he created and drew comics, and over the years added many different subjects to his art, including figurative subjects, landscapes, and abstractions, while taking many courses in studio arts and art history in high school and college. He says his goal or motivation for his work is basically the “same as breathing right now, to achieve works I can appreciate like a nice drink”. He draws from his favorite places of inspiration for his work, relying sometimes on his memories of growing up overseas, the countryside, and “recent places I’ve traveled to, like Thailand and Argentina”.

Ian tries to elicit a “dream state” reaction from the viewer of his work, and he accomplishes this through his delightful and eye-pleasing color palettes, and the abstract elements of his subjects. Inspired by artists such as Paul Klee, Nicolas De Stael, and lately Kenzo Okada and William Scott, painting is “a method of meditation and I like that practice”. Ian lives by his personal life philosophy and motto, to “really appreciate the good moments, small and large”.

Ian’s current obsessions include obscure artists and musical instruments and hard to get delicacies. If wasn’t an artist, he says he would like to be a “time traveler”, not surprising considering his brilliant ability to capture the dream world in his painting. As an art collector himself, Ian believes it is important for certain editions and pieces to be affordable for the art collector. “Important since in comparison to other artists”, he says modestly, “I am still early-on in a life long career”.

written by Jennifer Shaver

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