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Kristy Lynn | Painter

Kristy Lynn discovered her passion for art through pursuing different creative avenues. “Art is something I’ve gravitated towards since childhood.” Kristy has a BFA in Studio Art (Painting and Drawing) from East Carolina University, in Greenville, North Carolina, but has also worked several positions at many different art institutions from North Carolina, New York, and Arizona.

The first subjects of Kristy’s art were the human figure, and abstract shapes. Her favorite place of inspiration is nature, Kristy says that “trees are especially magical and soothing to be around”. She combines different mediums to create her colorful paintings, with the ultimate goal of “expressing that which I find trouble conveying with words”.

She tries to evoke a feeling of “calm introspection” from those who view her work. Kristy says she loves everything about being an artist. “It makes me happy on many different levels.” Though, if she couldn’t be an artist, she says her second career choice would be a librarian. Artists that inspire Kristy are Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Eva Hesse, Kiki Smith, Marcel Duchamp, and Man Ray.

She is an art collector herself, collecting different pieces of artwork “whenever something catches my eye or my heart, and if I am able to purchase it at the time”. She is very inspired by other artists’ and believes it is very important that art is affordable. “However, it is also important that collectors recognize the value of an artwork, including the time and money in materials the artist puts into a given piece. These factors affect the price and should be respected by potential buyers.” says Kristy.

Kristy is currently working on some smaller pieces, expanding her series based on her sketchbook drawings, and she is also working in square format lately. Her other interests are “drawing forest creatures, milk (bubble) tea, and checking out classic short story collections from the library”. Some of these include the short stories of Dostoyevsky, and poems by Rilke.

Kristy’s life philosophy is to “be here now, to always remember to live in and for the present moment”.

written by Jennifer Shaver

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