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Lene Foss | Photographer

Our newest photographer, Lene Foss, was fortunate to receive a camera on her 14th birthday, leading her into the world of photography. Living in the Arctic, in Norway, she is a Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and views her photo art “as another way, outside the academic institution, of being creative, and developing my creativity”.

The subjects of her first photographs were of her friends. Her favorite places of inspiration are now the Asian culture, the Arctic climate, cities with new and old architecture, and various landscapes. “I find myself being more observant when visiting new places, therefore, I get inspired by photographing different cultures, cities, and landscapes, then my own.” Lene’s goal for her work is simply “to share memorable moments in life with other people”, and she obviously achieves this goal in her photographs such as the fireworks display in Arctic New Year’s Eve. It is also of tremendous importance to her that art be affordable for everyone.

Lene is conscious of the reaction she desires from her audience, “I want them to feel a kind of psychological easiness, well-being, but also a reflective mood. I want to touch people by the silence in my pictures”.

There are a couple of photographers that inspire Lene, “I am inspired by Roland Barthes (1915-1980) whose approach is to close your eyes and let the photography speak to you in silence. I am also inspired by the landscape photos of Michael Kenna”.

Currently, she is working on photographing a young couple who are expecting a baby. “They want a black and white picture of them, nude from the waist up. I have found different angles in how to portray their love for one another and their pride of the mother’s belly.”

An experienced traveler, writer, and avid reader, she is now reading Roland Barthes Le Chambre Claire: Note sur la photographie and E. Edwards Photographs Objects Histories, On the Materiality of Images. Her future plan is to work with photographing as a method of research in social sciences.

Besides being able to share memorable moments, her favorite thing about being a photographer is “to get the kick when you feel the very specific combination of light and movement in your image. To be able to picture social life, human emotions, landscapes and architecture, which all takes part in my own life. Being a photographer makes every travel interesting, as the camera is a medium through which you explore the world.”

written by Jennifer Shaver

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