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Meet the Artists of Austin | WEST 2013 by is lucky to be based in Austin, Texas for multiple reasons, but, the main one is that it is chock-full of creative and talented artists. The thriving Austin art  scene is often overshadowed by “The Live Music Capitol of the World“, SXSW, ACL, and  “Keep Austin Weird” in the news. Also, art lovers typically turn to the established larger art scenes of Dallas and Houston. Admittedly, Austin does have a really great live music scene and keeping it weird is important, yet, Austin visual artists are here in abundance.

One of our home grown arts organizations is BigMedium. Since their inception over a decade ago, and under the creative guidance of Shea Little and his talented team (including our artist Jon Windham), BigMedium has created large scale community events focused on promoting visual artists. Their signature annual fall event EAST  has been a well-attended, free event now in its 12th year. It is an opportunity to meet artists in their studio all over East Austin. It has grown to include 350+ artists and spans over two consecutive weekends. Additionally, between weekends other events and happenings are scheduled — it’s a lot of fun and I look forward to it each year.

Spring 2012 marked their expansion from EAST into WEST Austin Studio Tour. It was kind of a test and was only one weekend, but, a jam-packed weekend it was. I was only able to see a small portion of the 100’s of artists listed. Be sure to note that these are different artists than EAST proving my introductory statement that Austin is chock-full of visual artists! Well, I suppose the test was successful because it has returned again this spring for not one, but, two consecutive weekends. Again, there are events, happenings, and oodles of artists to discover.

This WEST 2013 is April 27-28 and May 4-5. We have two of our artists showing this year: Michelle Lohr and David Leonard.

 Michelle Lohr | Artmuse Artist | WEST 2013
Michelle Lohr | 607 W Annie St. | Stop #139B

David Leonard | Artmuse Artist | WEST 2013

David Leonard | 837 W 12th St. | Stop #88

Other artists to note and, if time allows for, I plan to visit:

Mark YaggieOlaniyi Akindiya | Winston Hicks | Wendy Saha & Melissa Sonzala | Roy Moore | Terrell Powell (he is a delight!) | Sonya BergMorgan BogartPadaric Kolander | Chris EvansKendra KinseyAnna Yates | Women and Their WorkAugusto Brocca | Kathleen WilsonBrigitte Edery | Debbi Smith Rourke | Greg Davis | Stella Alesi | Leon Alesi | grayDUCK Gallery | Valerie Fowler | A.J. Simon | Melissa Grimes (my college art professor!) | Joseph PhillipsKafka Lenton

Download the WEST 2013 map or pick one up for free at any Austin Public Library.

View the complete WEST 2013 catalog here:



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