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Artmuse Artist | Andea Pramuk

Andrea Pramuk | Painter

Andrea Pramuk |

Artmuse welcomes artist, Andrea Pramuk. Born in the city of Baton Rouge in the great state of Louisiana, Andrea had the good fortune to be surrounded by creative family members. She attended the Kansas City Art Institute where she earned her BFA and later earned her MFA at the University of Texas at Austin. Her delicate work, inspired by personally pivotal events, is translucent, fluid, and in some instances seems to emit light. She has traditionally worked in a smaller scale but is embarking on making larger pieces after her recent show at E.A.S.T. Fortified with her fave food of chips . . .

Artmuse Artist | Jen Chenoweth

Jenn Chenoweth from KLRU Collective on Vimeo.

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