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Tyson Anthony Roberts | Painter

Tyson Anthony Roberts | Painter |


Tyson Anthony Roberts | Deconstructed Landscapes

Artmuse is pleased to introduce you to our new artist, Tyson Anthony Roberts. We learned of his work through curator and design blogger, Jaime Derringer of Design Milk. We very much enjoy his fresh take on the landscape and hope you do too!

Tyson is based in California and studied art and biology at UC Davis. Currently working in primarily acrylic, gouache, and crayon, Tyson renders rural and urban landscapes of a different variety. Working from photographs, he distills and edits the key elements, thoughtfully selects the colors, and reconstructs the scene using a series of simple marks of common hierarchy. This technique spreads your focus evenly across the piece giving you the sense of seeing the whole image at once without focusing. This reminds me of the defocused state creatives often work from–where they work intuitively, taking in the whole while not actually looking at it, the theta state, if you will.

Tyson Anthony Roberts in his studio

Tyson Anthony Roberts in his studio

I asked Tyson how he arrived at his technique. “Early on in my work, I was using these paint-heavy strokes to start a piece and after a while I liked the way they looked without too much refinement. It is a bit deconstructive in a way. I was previously building up a painting with all of these layers then I started to take layers away. The tube-shaped strokes that show up in some of my paintings was during a time that I was using an app for iPhone (Brushes App) to make mock-ups and studies for larger paintings on canvas. The sketches I was doing on the iPhone made me wonder if I could make the physical work look digitally rendered…I think it worked?”

Tyson is highly influenced by the idea of merging older landscape painting and drawing techniques with contemporary style. “I am also influenced by simplifying my process so that I can yield more ideas utilizing a simplified methodology.”

Artists usually experience a moment when their work technically and conceptually comes together for the first time. Tyson says “I think a couple of times this has happened to me, but then I got too comfortable and needed to challenge myself and my process. I have almost always worked with some sort of landscape as inspiration, but the technical aspect has changed – either medium, technique or time spent on a piece.” When I asked him what he thought made a piece successful, he said “If I don’t want to part with it!”

Tyson says he wasn’t always drawn to art. “It wasn’t until 2003 that I made a distinct effort to create something. Around that same time I was experimenting with different visual ideas and reading about art history. I find that as I continue to create, adjust and learn, that I am driven by challenging myself. The marks that I make feedback to my brain as much as my brain generates the motive to place the mark in the first place. This feedback loop is important to completion of my landscape pieces. I am inspired by landscapes and the familiarity that they can present, but my work is a filtration of select rural and urban landscapes through my methods of portrayal.”

Tyson visited the Art Institute of Chicago earlier this year and reflected on some of his favorite pieces:

Henri Matisse – Bathers by a River

“The size of this piece is overwhelming…nearly takes up a whole wall. In this piece, I am drawn to the juxtaposition of line and color as well as the color combinations. The painting made me feel like the figures were going to walk out of the painting and into the gallery, hehe.”

Cy Twombly – The First Part of the Return from Parnassus
“The minimalist marks in this work are great. I like that Twombly somewhat “coded” some of his works and referenced history and or mythology. The work speaks without being overpowering visually.”

Georges Seurat – A Sunday on La Grande Jatte
“I was looking forward to seeing this piece because one of my paintings ‘The Gardens’ has been described using references to this painting by Seurat. This work is quite larger than I thought it would be. The detail is impeccable and when standing up close it is hard to decipher the elements in the work…but when stepping back it all comes together.”

Living in the Central Valley of California, I asked how the area has informed his work. Tyson says it has helped him develop an appreciation for landscapes and the colors of those landscapes as the seasons change. Whether it is a field of crops or a tree lined street, he is equally inspired by rural and urban scenes.

I asked Tyson what his favorite thing about being an artist. “Being able to form my own set of rules and work methods. Working with my hands is important, as well the immediacy in which creating with my hands can channel a thought response in my brain.” His advice to aspiring artists and his personal motto: Do what you want until you want what you do.

Tyson has exhibited his work in California, Washington, and New York and will be showing new work via a solo show at Ghost Gallery in Seattle in 2012.

Written by Colleen Cassady | contributor


Tyson Anthony Roberts | The Fountain
















Tyson Anthony Roberts | The Fountain

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Tyson Anthony Roberts | The Field
















Tyson Anthony Roberts | The Field

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